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FrancoGrid festival

Publié le 30 Mai 2014 par Anaïs BERNARD in festivals

FrancoGrid festival

FrancoGrid festival is launched!

FrancoGrid wishes to renew its avatars proposal when opening an account on the website.

Francogrid Fest'Avi runs from 2014/06/06 to 2014/06/08 to renew the avatars proposal for new users when they register on the web site.

These avatars will be available in "freebies" on the grid under CC- BY- NC- SA license.

FrancoGrid residents and those of the Metaverse are invited to submit their original creations.


6th June 2014 :

21.00 ( CET) : Festival opening with an exhibition based the theme " The avatar through the metaverse ."

22.00 ( CET) : Participants presentation and their creations parade. A vote composed by the public and a jury will determine the retained creations.

7th June 2014 :

Day dedicated to the overall verification of the retained avatars in the presence of their creators.

8th June 2014 :

21.00 ( CET) : Parade of the selected avatars by FrancoGrid .

22.00 ( CET) : Distribution of avatars to the public and closing party with a concert and fireworks.

This collaborative project organized by FrancoGrid takes place on the region "Avatar".

FrancoGrid residents are invited to participate in the construction of this region.

Weekly workshops to support the creation take place on Tuesdays at 21:00 on “Avatar”.

This festival is designed to answer to the users needs and contribute to the evolution of FrancoGrid as well as all the Metaverse 

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